24 Mars 2017

So it was time to say "goodbye" to a long and wonderful time in our lives.
We do not plan to continue any form of dog breeding anymore.
Everything in life has its time and now the time has come for other activities.

Having the breeding of two such lovely breeds that we have had,
first Samoyed and then even
Basset Fauve de Bretagne for many years has been something
that we would not want to replace with something else in the whole world!

All lovely dogs who left our kennel, their wonderful puppy buyers
who still today embellish our life and all the other friends we've had in pure speed.
All travel, all the fun (and some not so fun) exhibition days :-)
late nights waiting for the puppies, training, courses , lectures etc etc
are absolutely amazing experiences and memories we'll never forget!

But now as we close the door to that  time in our lives!

Many thanks to all who have been on the road
.... no one mentioned no one forgotten!

Susanne, Christian, Maja, Evelina

Elvis & Liza